We Have Accomplished Phase One Of The UAEHFS. Thanks To All The Participants For Their Valuable Participation

Are you an Emirati above 18 years old ?

The UAEHFS focuses on  understanding and preventing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease among Emiratis.


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This study will help us find out:

  • Why obesity, diabetes, and heart disease common in the UAE?
  • What are the most important causes of these diseases?
  • What is the relative importance of our genes, lifestyle (including diet, physical activity, and tobacco use) and the environment?
  • What can we do to prevent them?

What Does

Taking Part in the UAE Healthy Future Study Involve?

You can participate in the study by signing a consent form then proceed with the following steps

Fill out a simple questionaire on lifestyle, health, and socioeconomic factors.

Have some physical measurements taken.

Give small samples of blood, urine and

Be re-contacted for follow-up questions and/or attend a repeat assessment visit.

Online Participation steps

Read the Participant Information Leaflet

Please take a moment to review the Participant Information Leaflet in English or Arabic. If you have any questions about the study procedures or what you will be asked to do, you may contact the Study Coordinating Center on 800 2327, or email address : info@uaehealthyfuture.ae..

Sign the Consent Form

Once you have reviewed the information, please proceed to the online consent form.

Answer an online questionnaire

You can complete the questionnaire at your own pace, but please note that you need to complete each section and save your answers. If you are not comfortable answering a question, select “prefer not to answer.”


You will be asked to provide your contact information. After the government lifts the stay at home restrictions and it is safe to visit clinics again, we will use the information to contact you and schedule an appointment at one of our study assessment centers. At the center you will meet with a study nurse to take some measurements and then provide some biological samples.



We can’t do this without you

Be a part of this ambitious study

Be a part of this ambitious study.

It takes less than 30 minutes, and will make a big difference.

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