Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take part in the UAE Healthy Future Study?
You can take part in this study by taking an assessment at a local center. At the start of the assessment visit, you have further opportunity to read the “Participant Information Leaflet” and ask any questions you may have about the UAE Healthy Future Study.
Where are the assessment centers located?
The study centers are located at the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank, in Khalidiya and Al Ain Regional Blood Bank in Al Ain City. For directions to the nearest assessment center, please click here to see maps and directions.
Does the study require its participants to make a blood donation at the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank?
It is not a requirement to be or become a regular blood donor at the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank to participate, however, in order to complete the study assessment, you will be asked to give a small blood sample (4 tubes which equals about 4 teaspoons of blood) for research analysis.
Why is my written consent needed?
Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary. By signing the consent form, you confirm your willingness to take part in the study. We also need your agreement to contact you in the future to update your information about health-related activities.
How can I prepare for my assessment visit?
In preparation for your assessment visit,  please think about all medications, vitamins or supplements you may be taking on a regular basis, and if applicable, any surgery you may have had at any time in the past; you may want to note these down as a reminder.  Medical conditions that seem to run in your family, your birth weight, your place of birth, and whether or not you were breastfed, would also be useful information to know. If possible, fast for 8 hours prior to your assessment visit (especially if you have a morning appointment).  Water is allowed during the 8 hour fast period. Please inform the UAE Healthy Future Study staff if you were able to complete the fast.
Will any of the test results be given back to participants?
For those who wish to receive results, some of the physical measurements will be available for participants to access. These include: height, weight, body fat composition, and blood pressure. Should any of the results show that they are not in the normal range, the participants will be informed.
How is follow-up in UAE Healthy Future Study maintained?
Participants are asked for contact details during their assessment visit. As a participant, you will be contacted by phone or email for follow-up. If your contact details change, please notify the study coordinating center by calling 8002327.