The Process

Participate in three simple steps

  1. Visit a clinic near you to
    • provide consent
    • get physical measurements taken
    • provide samples
  2. Fill out a questionnaire  about your
    • lifestyle
    • health
    • socioeconomic factors
  3. Be available for follow-up for
    • additional questions
    • repeat assessments
Participation involves visiting one of the study assessment centers in Abu Dhabi city (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Blood Bank, Healthpoint Hospital) or Al Ain city (Al Ain Regional Blood Bank, UAE University)  Click here to know more.


First, you will need to read and understand the Participant Information, ask questions and confirm you agree to participate by signing a consent form.


An important step of the UAE Healthy Future Study is the questionnaire, which you are asked to answer during your assessment visit at the clinic. The questionnaire is administered online; registration is done during your clinic visit, using a tablet.  The questionnaire is about your education, employment, and your home and living arrangements; there is also a section about smoking and the use of tobacco. Information about your personal health and medical history, your early life and family history, and your psychological state will also be asked. We also want to know information about your driving behavior. This information will help the study reach its main objectives: identifying the factors that influence people’s health nowadays, and preventing heart disease, obesity and diabetes in the UAE.

Measurements and Samples

Physical Measurements

• Blood pressure
• Sitting and standing height
• Waist, hip and neck circumference
• Weight and body fat composition
• Wearing a tracker to measure physical activity

Biological Samples

• Blood sample: you will be asked to give a small sample of blood
(4 tubes, about 4 teaspoons) for analysis
• Urine sample: you will be asked to give a urine sample for analysis (10ml)
• Mouthwash sample: you will be asked to give an oral mouthwash
sample for analysis (10ml)

To participate in the study you must be UAE National, aged 18 to 40 years, and able to visit the study assessment centers at one of the clinics.

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